Conversion growth in 100% of cases

We will evaluate the design and user-friendliness of your website, making it more intuitive for users and boosting conversion rates

How does it work?

We analyze the performance of your site based on 140 usability criteria, Metrica reports, focus groups and neural networks
Usability Audit

Usability Audit

The most comprehensive usability audit on 140 criteria with recommendations for each item.
UX Audit

UX Audit

Evaluation of the website’s usability and simplicity from the users’ perspective

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis

Deep analysis of data about site visitors, their behavior, traffic sources and other important reports with recommendations.
Focus group

Focus group

You will get an objective review with recommendations based on the opinion of at least 15 people.



A neural network simulates the behavior of 40 pairs of eyes on your site, a usability and UX specialist “reads” the data and prepares a report.

Usability and UX audit of your website or application

We’ll highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your website or application. Our checklist includes 140 critically important criteria by which we assess your site

Boost your advertising ROI (Return on Investment)

Every advertising channel that brings traffic to your site will become more effective by optimizing the usability of landing pages

Increase your conversion rate

Regardless of the source, services and products will be ordered more frequently and quickly, and the inquiries themselves will become more targeted

Make your website user-friendly

You will be able to create a clear and short path from the landing page to the application form on your website

Show us your website

We’ll pinpoint the most critical errors on your website and advise whether an audit can help

Statistics analysis

This analysis will help you save the budget of advertising campaigns, increase the conversion of the site and increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Effective Advertising

Eliminate unprofitable channels, optimize them, and confidently increase budgets where they perform

No barriers

Your customers will never again encounter dead ends or inconvenient spots on your website

Understanding Weaknesses

Discover where you are losing customers, which pages or forms are not functioning well, and which ones are performing well

Focus group test

Testing your site on real people. You’ll get a ruthless review with professional recommendations based on the opinions of at least 15 people.

How is testing done?

We develop a questionnaire based on the hypotheses formed during the site audit and conduct a paid survey among your target audience.

Receive feedback

The focus group is ruthless and critiques without hesitation: you’ll learn about all the inconvenient, unpleasant, and unclear spots on your website

Discover the preferences

We not only ask about what’s wrong, but also about what users like and what captures their attention

Implement the changes

In surveys, people often do more than just praise or complain; they also suggest specific changes to the website

Eye-tracking AI

Optimization experts on landing pages use AI to increase website conversion rates by increasing the visibility of call to action elements.

Get a perfect website in 4 steps

We have developed an authoring analysis system and used all the tools of UX expertise in it to bring your website performance to the maximum.

Instant feedback on visual elements at a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional tools

Test websites, advertising, video, print, shelf display, signage and packaging design

Turn visual data into actionable insights.


Stay ahead of the market by using AI to increase productivity and reduce costs

The perfect way to grow

We have developed an original system for analyzing usability, statistics, and visual design elements and used all the tools of UX expertise in it

Our price

Choose the services you need. If you do not know what you need, just write to us and we will help you with the choice.

Our price

Choose the services you need. If you do not know what you need, just email us and we’ll help you choose.


For small new websites or sites after a redesign

$ 300 $450

Best start

Usability testing by 140 factors

PDF/MD document with results

Out support will be available for one month after the audit

Creating references for your programmer or designer


For websites and apps that have accumulated statistics

$ 900 $1200

All Basic services and:

Website analysis based on statistical reports

Analysis of the experience of 15-25 people on using your site


For large projects requiring in-depth optimization

$ 1500 $2000.

All Standart services and:

Eye-tracking session of 40 people with neural network

We guarantee a 100% refund within 3  days if you are not satisfied with our work.

We share the results of our work daily, so you can always evaluate the progress.

About Us

We analyze and create internet marketing

Our team consists of professionals in website development, advertising campaigns and design.

We have worked our way through large advertising agencies, consulting and IT companies. Internet marketing has been our main specialty for several years now.

We know where to look, how to evaluate and what to recommend.

Alex Brenneise

Alex Brenneise

CEO Auditerra
Send us feedback or ask any question. We respond within one hour.

Выберите тариф

Мы гарантируем возврат средств в течение 3-х дней после начала работ, если вас не удовлетворит промежуточный результат


Для небольших новых сайтов или сайтов после редизайна

14 999 р. 16 000 р.

Лучший старт

Юзабилити тестирование 140F

PDF/MD документ с результатами

30 дней поддержки

Разработки тех. задания для ваших сотрудников


Для сайтов, набравших статистику и требующих оптимизации

43 999 р. 60 000 р.

Базовые услуги и:

Анализ 15 отчетов статистики

Проведение исследования с фокус-группой (15-25 человек)

Все включено

Для больших проектов, требующих глубокой оптимизации

84 999 р. 120 000 р.

Все услуги из Стандарта и:

Eye-tracking ИИ анализ поведения 40 человек и рецензия от эксперта


Лучший старт

Юзабилити тестирование 140F

PDF/MD документ с результатами

30 дней поддержки

Разработки тех. задания для ваших сотрудников

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